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Is social marketing part of your strategy?


Social media is transforming the marketing landscape. Customers don’t want to get marketed to – they look for choice among the supplier they trust.

Winning their trust is now the foremost goal, which means your company needs a strategy that meets new expectations.

The first step is to become relevant, and then nurture a relationship. Is your organization ready to have a relationship with its customers?

We help you get it right!


It isn’t hard, but it takes a concerted effort where each and everyone in your company plays a role, not just the social media coordinator.

Used correctly, social media provides a very cost effective way of building strong customer relationships and repeat business.

Making social media marketing part of your overall plan is easier than you think. Let’s start a conversation! Call us now!

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make your event a networking powerhouse

What is Structured Networking?


Structured networking is a meeting-form that makes personal introductions at conferences more predictable and effective.

It provides the opportunity to significantly increase the value perceived by the conference attendees, exhibitors, experts and speakers.

Example: If your event has 100 attendees, that means it has the potential to host almost 5,000 one-on-one meetings. With 200 attendees that number goes up to 20,000 meetings. It quickly becomes clear that software is needed to find and engage the right people.

Why Structured Networking?


Structured networking transforms your event into a highly appreciated business development opportunity for the attendees! It is about making someone’s time at a conference or event really productive by helping him or her meet the right people.

Sometimes it is called Speed Networking or Pre-scheduled Appointments. It is for the business professional people seeking special skills, partners, peers or specialists to network with.

With structured  networking the attendees plan ahead, and arrive at the conference with a pre-printed list of meetings. It also means the attendee arrives knowing that the investment and effort to attend your conference is already worth it. Typically, attendees quickly learn about the networking value, and come back over and over again.

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