About Us

“Lets start a conversation” – is an expression signifying that Konsult Partners is all about connecting people and businesses.

Our mission is to help you start conversations with your customers and partners, through the use of software and online tools.

Konsult Partners master the steps required to build your online presence and to manage your online reputation, and we help you make connections in person at events and by building alliances and partnerships.


With over 40 years of combined experience from enterprise sales, marketing and development in the software industry we have brought together the skills and knowledge that enable us to help companies of all sizes take advantage of online media, with a focus on online presence and reputation management.

Based out of Seattle in the Pacific North West, the home turf of companies like Amazon, Boeing and Microsoft, Konsult Partners help business of all sizes.

Our combined experiences are focused on creating successful partnerships, ranging from building one-to-one strategic alliances to recruiting broad communities and and connecting people through social media tools and practices.

Konsult Partners’ history

Konsult Partners was formed in March 2010 to meet the demands for a number of consulting projects performed by Kay Johnston and Håkan Söderbom. Konsult Partners is the fourth company created by Kay and Håkan, and the first that is focused on their core business skills – helping people connect.


“Konsult Partners are able to open doors and make connections that otherwise remain closed. More than anything, a deep understanding of customer and partner relationships enabled Konsult Partners to successfully execute the customer reference program for us.”

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