Structured Networking

Transform your event into a highly appreciated business development opportunity!

Why Structured Networking?

Structured Networking is a meeting-form that makes personal introductions at conferences more predictable and effective.

It provides the opportunity to significantly increase the value perceived by the conference attendees, exhibitors, experts and speakers.

Example: If your event has 100 attendees, it has the potential to host almost 5,000 one-on-one meetings. With 200 attendees that number goes up to 20,000 meetings. It quickly becomes clear that software is needed to find and engage the right people.

What is Structured Networking?

Structured Networking is about making someone’s time at a conference or event really productive by helping him or her meet the right people. Compare it to Speed Dating, but for professional people seeking business partners or peers to network with.

Sometimes it is called Speed Networking or Pre-scheduled Appointments.

This type of networking is most effective when the attendees spend time before the event to plan the meetings, however it is also possible to arrange additional meetings on-site.

Benefits of Structured Networking

Attract a Bigger Audience

Draw a larger audience by adding more value to your conference.

Attract senior decision makers. Make your event stand out as helping them grow their business. Structured Networking gives them business value first and foremost.

Bring the value back to in-person events. The best meetings happen face-to-face.

Earn Better Event Scores

Enable your audience to conduct business meetings with very hard-to-find people, including peers, experts and speakers. Activate and engage your audience and make them part of the event’s success. Give the attendees the best use of their time and they will value your event for it.

Maximize Your Budget

Ensure your event’s success in a very cost effective way with Structured Networking. Invest in your attendees and they will come back again and again. Minimize costs that have limited or only short term impact, e.g. give-aways.

How does it work?

The software helps each attendee find the individuals that match expectations or needs, it then arranges a time and place for the attendees to meet at the event to conduct quick introductions.

As each attendee makes several of these brief introductions they maximize the chance that a number of them will be really useful and lead to further collaboration.

As an attendee signs up for the event he or she also completes a profile. This profile will be used by the software to match individuals to other attendees. The matching is just a help, each attendee can of course search and find people by themselves.

The key is that both individuals need to agree to the meeting for the system to confirm it.

Pioneers with Structured Networking

Kay Johnston introduced software-enabled Structured Networking in Europe as far back as 1999. The event was then called Synergy and is now known as the Executive Partners Summit. It is one of the most appreciated events in the software industry.

From those early days, peer networking has become the #1 reason many people attend events.

The Solution

We have teamed up with Newtonstrand, a UK based software company that specializes in event solutions. The Structured Networking software is called Chance2Meet and has been used very successfully at events in Europe.

What we really like with this solution is that it is services based, can quickly be set up for any event, is easily integrated with registration or other event systems, and that it has a price point that makes it really compelling even at smaller events.

You can read more in our 2 page leaflet [Structured Networking].

Connect with us to explore how we through a rich set of solutions can make your event even more valuable for attendees, sponsors and speakers.