Progressive Elaboration is a thing of beauty

First of all I really like the “expression” Progressive Elaboration – doesn’t it just make you sound like you know what you are talking about? The word progressive implies something that is moving forward, pushing through boundaries. The word is almost edgy if you associate progressive with progressivism as a left-wing political standpoint. It can also evoke strong emotion if you associate it with progressive tax… As a counterpoint you have elaboration – who wouldn’t want to use such a word comfortably? It sounds like the action performed by someone who stops to think, thinking deeply, before expressing some insight of profound gravity.

Progressive Elaboration is of course a project management term [e.g. ref] relating to the continuously more well described project plan.

However what really makes me appreciate the expression is that it sort of forces you forward – If you ever get stuck in analysis paralysis or endless procrastination, just thinking of progressive elaboration will prompt you to actually do something, now, and save further planning until you have more data.

Are there words in your business life that make you excited?