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Advanced LinkedIn This is a 2h seminar exploring the deeper features of LinkedIn with a focus on concepts for successfully using LinkedIn as part of a networking and conversation strategy.

This presentation was given at a private event on September 29, 2011 in Bellevue.
My First Website This is a hands-on 1h workshop where the attendees were invited to bring their laptops and work along.

The workshop starts with some definitions, and then focuses on the process of building a website (and blog) at
This presentation was given at a private event on June 22, 2011 in Bellevue.
Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing This is a shorter version of the presentation below, and it has some updated content. Otherwise it is the same.

This presentation was given at a private event on June 22, 2011 in Bellevue.
Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing This no-frills seminar will help you gain the insight into what it takes to be successful with social media for your business. If after the seminar you decide that you want to invest in social media, then you will appreciate the roadmap with clear business steps that is provided.
Note, this is a non-technical seminar. While we may talk about different social tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc) the focus of the seminar is on the business aspects of social media, including audiences, content, conversations, listening and measurement.
My First Blog My First Blog is a workshop blending the practical steps of setting up an online blog, with discussions around the theory and practical experience of blogging. This workshop was first held on June 11, 2011 at Bellevue Sq, WA.
Social Media Strategy
This is a social media strategy introduction. It addresses the steps needed to be accomplish before deployment of tools like Twitter and Facebook takes place.
The objective is to move the focus from popular tools like Twitter and Facebook, and to look deeper at core concepts like segmentation, content strategy and conversations.
You have got it wrong! It is simpler than you think.

Social Media is often addressed as if it is all about tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. This presentation approaches the subject slightly differently by focusing on the mechanics behind what makes social media important and how it works. The presentation acts as an introduction to a more strategically focused seminar.
LinkedIn for the Executive Job Search
This presentation has been prepared for a Seattle based Executive Networking Group. The purpose of this deck is to introduce some of the strategic concepts of using LinkedIn as a career tool. It is also meant as a foundation for deeper discussions on the pros and cons of different LinkedIn strategies.
This is *not* a “getting-started” presentation and there is no focus on how to enter the data.
The presentation was updated on 10/11/2010 to reflect feedback during the workshop.
What are your expectations on your dentist’s online presence?
This presentation summarizes the results of a brief survey (62 respondents) about peoples’ expectations on their dental provider’s online presence. The survey shows that people expect their dentist to be online with features for booking, checking and changing reservations, however there is very little expectation or interest in having an online social media relationship with their dental provider.
Important note – while the survey results give simple answers, they are also the results of a simple survey. What we should learn from the survey is that we need to push forward with differentiated scenarios to explore what may make people interested in engaging dentists online. It has been suggested that topics like their children’s dental treatment or research advances would be topics that would yield very different results. More to follow…
Personal Social Media Success
This presentation introduces social media as a Web 2.0 phenomenon. It addresses user generated content and the importance of contributing to the community as part of an effort of building your personal brand. The presentation goes on to emphasize some of the challenges with the web and then proposes a strawman strategy for personal success with social media. It also briefly covers LinkedIn, blogging, Twitter, Facebook and online etiquette.
If you have enjoyed Håkan’s interactive presentation that include demonstrations, then you can find it here [LINK]. You need Silverlight installed for this Deep Zoom experience. Start with expanding to full screen (control in lower right corner), you can then use the mouse or the controls to zoom in and out.