7 reasons I recommend my clients to blog

  1. Content is king; A blog is a great place to collect and share your content. It is through the content you express your insights, views and recommendations. If you spend some time on Search Engine Optimization, SEO, you will also make it increasingly easier to find your business online.
  2. Content is king and conversations provide the energy that keeps the kingdom alive. Generating conversations on a blog with strong content is an effective way to engage people.
  3. Blogging makes you smarter. Sounds weird? The process of articulating your thoughts into text that will help you clarify your own ideas. This makes your overall communication and standpoints stronger.
  4. Starting a blog is a great way of finding your “voice”, i.e. the tone and focus of your content.
  5. Getting started on content creation is hard, keeping it up is hard. To start small and be persistent generates more result. A blog a week makes 52 articles in a year. That is a substantial amount of information to have interesting conversations around.
  6. There are many free and for-fee blog engines. They are easy to set up and provide a low barrier to getting off the ground.
  7. You can stop blogging at any time without big consequences.

Do you run a company blog? If so, why do you?

Do you help companies set up and run blogs? If so, what have you found are the main reasons to run a corporate blog?

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