Where are you “official” and where are you “private”?

[Updated 12/13/2010 with new links to blogs. Moved from WordPress.com to self-hosted blogs]

A long time ago I decided to have a work blog (this, ie. http://konsultpartners.com) and to use Twitter and LinkedIn as my “professional” social tools.

Even before that I created a “private” blog for my family and friends (http://off-duty-blog.hakansoderbom.com) and later I decided that Facebook was also dedicated to family and friends. In my case “private” includes my part-time job as a motorcycle safety instructor – something I am active and passionate about but it is not my livelihood.

However I am sure you agree that the world is a-changing. Facebook is gaining traction in the business world and the lines between official and private are blurring. Recently a former colleague asked if I didn’t do any work, because all he saw was my motorcycle postings – obviously he only saw me on Facebook. This made me think I need to maintain multiple *different* personas on all the main networks. But that quickly becomes unmanageable when you have active lives in several capacities.

I am still struggling with how to divide myself and my online presences without constantly spamming a third of my contacts.

What do you do? Do you have any tips for me?