Is WordPress free, or not?

Wordpress logoEveryone knows that WordPress is free, but is it really?

Well, the software is open source and anyone can download it from and run it off their computer. And for anyone somewhat technically savvy, it shouldn’t be beyond reason to get an installation up and running.

For the person who doesn’t want to do any installation, he or she can go for the quicker chioce of using which provides an already-running installation to use.

So why do I even ask the question? Have you heard the expression “free as a puppy”? I.e. even if you get a puppy for free, you have a lifetime (dog lifetime that is) of commitment to feed it, walk it, pet it and generally love it. If you love the dog, that is no burden, but if it is your spouse’s dog, you may not think it is without cost…

That is a bit what WordPress is. It is a friend, but a friend that required attention and effort. If that is not for you, get a cat!

Realistically, if you are considering a WordPress installation for your company website or your blog, there are costs associated. Several costs to be honest…

Here is a post that lists some of the hard costs:

Do you agree with the claim that a WordPress site costs between? $1,287 and $22,487?